As part of releasing the full version of The Midnight Pen-pal over the next few months, I’ve selected some of my favourite stills from the film and shoot – some of which are never seen in the final film. To add to the mix-medium feel of the film- and to counteract the strong use of COLOUR in the piece, I chose The Impossible Project’s PX Silver Shade to be my main stock-of-choice for the still-moments of the project… At the time, it was still a very experimental batch and I shot a lot of rolls during test-shots with some of the girls involved, as well as heavily involving the presence of Polaroid equipment in the party scene…

With this batch, I really liked the distance and atmosphere the tones and natural blemishes create, the ‘look’ I decided on really helped to show more of a ‘truth’ in the characters as opposed to the on-screen daze the moving image visuals create.

I’d scan the original instants over time to compare and reveal the chemical reactions taking place from a matter of minutes, hours and days… to this day, some only exist as a clouded memory of the image they once were…

Brandon, the ONLY boy present in any part of the production of the film- this was an actual filmed moment captured on a 16mm Bolex (which you’ll see in this image)- none of the 16mm scenes are included in the final film and have been used seperately, but my character shot this instant in a writing-smoking-reminiscing scene in bed (that will unfortunately never get to be seen!)

The addition of c o l o u r , one of very few instants I used to experiment with the use of colour manipulation…

VISIT The Impossible Project for more info, and newly released instant stocks HERE http://www.the-impossible-project.com

See the film, and it’s PX action at festivals and screenings for the rest of 2011, for now, here’s a sneak peak


To see more stills images- both PX instants and 35mm prints you can visit my flickr page here.

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