“And yet, they still look to the sky…”

To the sound of melancholy cries
-She stares blankly-
A delusional sparkle in her eyes.

Hanging out her washing
In this baron landscape,
Checking her telescope daily,
Awaiting her promised reply.

I could watch from a distance,
Or look in my own back garden
-But the same, no reply-
We just constantly look to the sky

For answers that never reply,
-But yet we still pry-
To the eyes of others
That just wont try.

– By Emmaalouise Smith

A preview of a new project called ”And yet, they still look to the sky…” Shot in 2011. These images are part of a set of hand-printed colour prints due to be exhibited in the first part of 2012. Details to follow.

Images:                  Emmaalouise Smith
Model:                    Princess Julia
Styling:                   Emmaalouise Smith
Alicia Sadler
Shoot Assistance: Alicia Sadler
Clare Nash

Visit the full set HERE.

Plus others, on my Flickr page HERE.

If you wish to use any of my photographs, please credit/ask first, I don’t mind, I’d just hate for my images to be lost on the endlessness of the Internet.

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