To My Younger Self – Festival Delle Lettere

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I have been asked to produce a short film, a video-letter for Festival Delle Lettere, which takes place in Milan in October. I was given a letter written by Italian Actress Amanda Sandrelli and the brief ‘letter to an ex’, along with two months to develop, write and make this film.

To My Younger Self is the outcome; it is a short audio-visual film with experimental themes, shot entirely in Norwich, in both private and public locations. I wanted to stay away from a romantic love-story as much as possible, and really didnt want either a biased sad-or-happy ending film, and the aim was to just make this a film about a girl, who has gone through this ‘thing’, and wanted to show what happens to her as a person, as she begins to move on.

It starts with a red-tinted nightmare, and changes with a mood-ring of visuals throughout, which reflect how she is feeling. Following The Girl from sadness to contentment as she comes out of her shell a new person. Like a collage of colour, we follow The Girl as she finds beauty in the everyday, where her surroundings and reality blend into the thoughts of her head.

To My Younger Self will premiere along with four other film-maker’s films from the UK in Milan on 3rd October at the 10th Anniversary Festival Delle Lettere, at the Litta Theatre.


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Emmaalouise Film 6

Emmaalouise Film 10

Emmaalouise Film 5

Emmaalouise Film 4

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Emmaalouise Film 1


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