Catching silhouettes of children running in the fog

last-night-1Between last year and now I’ve worked on some portraits with a family at a series of parties they asked me to shoot, and about 2 hours into last night’s event (after being fairly content with some of my stills) I lose concentration for what seemed like a few seconds, when I’m drawn to look out through a crack in the curtain, where a massive cloud of fog has surrounded the building. In my tired haze I think I’m seeing things in the grey, but I start to picture figures- I’ve been used to seeing these people, almost studying them on these sessions, and theyre mostly children, their carefree outlines, running in the fog. Desperate to catch the last bit of remaning light, desperate, I run through a hall and through the glass doors. I shoot fast, I run along with them – catching silhouettes of children running in the fog – my heart, my eyes, a real photographic moment, one of those photographic moments only photographers will really understand, and if I hadn’t of happened to be standing by the only crack in the curtain, I never would have known.

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