534198_10151848788150195_847438760_nContact; emmaalouise@hotmail.co.uk

I am a film-maker and photographer living in Norwich, UK. I have a background of working in a range of visual areas of the industry, I am a BA (Hons) Film Production degree graduate, and have lived in London for a number of years before moving to Norfolk to work on a commissionable basis.

Previous work includes short films, music videos, portraiture, animation, curation and live projections…

To my younger self was gained official selection along with 4 other UK films, to appear in an exclusive programme of shorts screened at the Litta Theatre, in Milan in association with Marie Claire Italia

Haunted by the present, she looks to the pastwas amongst the official selection at The BFI London Film Festival ’14, and The Hong Kong International Film Festival ’15

The Midnight Pen-pal was nominated for Best Experimental Short Film at the London Short Film Festival 2011, and was screened at festivals worldwide 

“Who would have guessed?” travelled the UK festival circuit following a screening at the London Short Film Festival ’12, as well as Flicker Spokane in Washington USA


I’m an image collector, a camera collector and an observer of those around me. I am influenced by traditional techniques, analogue equipment and all things cinematic. I am a trained cinematographer, and won a cine scholarship from BSC practitioner Billy Williams in 2010. I am a keen experimenter, and work in a very hands on way. I spend a lot of time in darkrooms and art studios, I hand-process my own moving image and stills.

As a personal choice, and for aesthetic reasons, I prefer to shoot film as apposed to digital. This choice has led me on a path through hopes of photographic dreams and obsolete nightmares…

Alongside my personal work, I am currently working on commissions and collaborations following previous work for The Norwich Film Festival, Laura Groves, The London Short Film Festival, Festival Delle Lettere, Neils Children, Kate Nash, showcases at the Rich Mix cinema, the East End Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival.

The Short film Sessions.
I am the founder of the ‘Short Film Sessions’ at the Rich Mix cinema, which ran from 2009-2010. As well as having a constant platform to view my own projects I have had the chance to program some of my favourite artists and ‘makers from the UK and Europe, with names including; Stefanie Schneider, Ellen Rogers, Tim Walker and Corin Hardy. My film programming and curation has led me to work with the London Short Film Festival in 2010 and the East End Film Festival in May 2011- where I presented a new showcase entitled ‘My Obsolete Future’.


I am a ‘visual-maker’, and have produced one-off exclusive showreels for events in the music and film industry, including; After Many A Summer Dies The Swan for LSFF ’14, The Roundhouse, Dice Club, The Convex Club and various screenings and releases. My visuals are all hand-crafted, can be shaped to personal briefs, and transferred analogue-to-digital.


For further information about my work- past, present or future- I would be more than happy to hear from you. Please contact me at;


As an independent practitioner, I am always welcome to commissions and freelance projects presented to me, please contact me by e-mail for telephone/meeting arrangements and further discussions.

Previous screenings and collaborators;

Live Visuals for The London Short Film Festival 2016 with Domino Publishing artist Hannah Peel

The Hong Kong International Film Festival 2015

The BFI London Film Festival 2014

Live Visuals for The London Short Film Festival 2014 with Domino Publishing artist Laura Groves

Marie Claire Italia

5th Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival

Festival Delle Lettere, Milan

Flicker Spokane Film Festival 2011

‘The Pictures’ Zine and Film Night

The Norwich Film Festival

Dice Club for The Roundhouse

Videodrone, London

The East End Film Festival 2011

The East Anglian Film Network

Disorder Magazine

Whirlygig Cinema / Spotlights

The P.i.X Magazine

Kate Nash’s 2010 European Tour


The London Short Film Festival 2012

My Obsolete Future

Theoretical Girl’s Album Launch

BKSTS at the BFI – 2010 Showcase

Exploding Cinema

Dice Club, London

Topshop TV, Oxford Street London

The Convex Club

‘Future Plans’ Single Launch for Tape Records

Please get in touch for details on acquiring copies of my work; emmaalouise@hotmail.co.uk


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