Film-maker Biog;

Emmaalouise Smith is a film-maker and photographer, specialising in a variety of visual mediums including; FILM 35mm, medium format, and analogue instants. Moving image examples include hand-processed Super 8mm shorts, 16mm experimentation and animated visuals for projection. A specialist cinematographer, Emmaalouise utlises photographic traditions and works in an almost hands-on and sometimes D.I.Y manner,  showing a strong love for colour, nostalgia and storytelling…

Notable work includes a nomination for Best Experimental Short for ‘The Midnight Pen-pal’ at the 2012 London Short Film Festival. A long running curation of The Short Film Sessions at the Rich Mix in East London. A commission of visual projections for The Roundhouse venue in Camden, London. A Promotional shoot for Italian label Vivetta. Styling for MTV China. As well as working with a number of musicians and artists on personal projects including; Kate Nash, Neils Children, Theoretical Girl, and Goodnight And I Wish. Editorials and press include; The P.i.X Magazine,, Disorder, The Pictures zine, My Obsolete Future, The East End Film Festival and The Impossible Project Blog.



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An article from THE PICTURES


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